HOA Management

Meridian Property Management provides services in following three basic categories:

Administrative Services:
  • Maintain all records of the Association.
  • Maintain registers of the Ownership, Board of Directors and Officers of the Association.
  • Assist in the administration of the provisions of the Governing Documents of the Association.
  • Guide and assist the Board of Directors in the performance of their obligations.
  • Guide and assist the Board of Directors in the development of policies and procedures.
  • Prepare and mail notices, proxies, ballots, and agendas in accordance with the requirements of the Governing Documents of the Association.
Fiscal Services:
  • Assist in the preparation of an annual budget.
  • Prepare and distribute monthly financial reports to the Board.
  • Assist in the collection of all assessments and other charges due by owners.
  • Maintain separate checking, savings, and any other income accounts on behalf of the Association.
  • Make reasonable efforts and take reasonable action for the collection of delinquent assessments as the Board of Directors may determine in accordance with the Governing Documents and adopted policies and procedures.
  • Make disbursements from assessments collected for normal recurring expenses as provided in the budget.
  • Assist in performance of audits in conjunction with auditors appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • Assist the Board of Directors in securing insurance coverage to protect the Association against various risks. With the approval of the Board of Directors, place appropriate insurance coverage for property, general liability, fidelity bonds, umbrella coverage, directors and officers’ coverage and any other approved forms of risk coverage.
Physical Management:
  • Maintain the property as directed by the Board of Directors and as provided for by the operating budget.
  • Negotiate and execute on behalf of the Association, contracts for utilities, trash removal, landscaping and any other services as may be necessary for the proper maintenance of the property.
  • Monitor the performance of independent contractors required for the operation and maintenance of the property.
  • Make physical reviews of the property.